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Customized Courses

We have recently customized “in-house” courses for a number of companies in order to make the course more interesting and meaningful to their staff, for example:

• The field personnel of a Major Oil and Gas Company operating in east-central Alberta, which has a particular interest in the prolific Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group.

• The staff of an Information Technology Company whose clients represent major oil and gas companies. Emphasis was placed on what geologists, geophysicists, landmen and engineers do in these companies, which systems they use, and what specific uses they have for these systems.

• The staff and managers of a large Energy Trust. Our goal was to encourage complete integrated evaluation of their portfolio of properties in order to add real value. A secondary goal was to set standards for consistency between business units in property and prospect analysis.

• The staff of a large Gas Processing Company whose major holdings include sour gas plants, pipelines and associated infrastructure. The facilities are operating under capacity and a primary objective is to provide marketers with a better understanding of the underlying geology and the potential for additional gas within each plant’s capture area.

• The Board of an oil and gas exploration company (headquartered in the United States) outlining the status of the oil and gas industry in Canada, advances in technology and opportunities for investment.

• The staff of a large Canadian bank whose primary target is supporting the oil and gas service industry. The primary objective is to show the various facets of oil and gas exploration and production and the role played by the members of the service industry who are their clients

• Several major oil and gas companies have requested we incorporate their areas of operations, their land holdings, drilling statistics, as well as their production reserves into the big picture.

• Two courses for the staff of a major oil company charged with the task of collecting and recording data currently stored on individual computers and in 'bottom drawers'. The course was customized to emphasize what to look for and why the data is important.


Over the last few years, customized presentations have also been prepared for:

  • The 53rd Oilmen’s Conference at Banff, Alberta. “The Rocks, the Mountains, the Oil & Gas”
  • The Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants, Calgary, Alberta. “Geological Prospecting in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin”.
  • The Medical Update for Psychiatrists Conference at Banff, Alberta. “Geology of the Banff Area”.
  • Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Outreach Program to Canadian Universities (Geology Departments). “What geologists do in the oil and gas industry, and how to get a job!”
  • Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Student Industry Field Trip (initiated in 1978) – introductory presentation to the Geology of Western Canada.
  • Led field trips and given presentations for the "Wings Over the Rockies Festival" each year emphasizing the geology of the Columbia Valley, BC.
  • The Calgary Winter Club's +55 Hiking Groups 2012 annual dinner on "the Rocks, the Birds, and the Hikes of the Rocky Mountains."


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CSPG SIFT Field Trip 2012

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