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Calgary To Banff Field Trip For Non-Geologists

In-House Team-Building course only

Useful for anyone working in the oil and gas industry, and interested in the geological features that are so beautifully displayed in our Foothills and mountains. Individuals wanting to understand the geology of these areas and their fundamental relationship to our search for oil and gas will find this field trip worthwhile. Included is a comprehensive guidebook, and a poster "The Rocks, the Mountains, the Oil & Gas.

This is a one-day field trip by bus from Calgary to Banff which starts in the Plains, crosses the Foothills Belt, and ends in the Front Ranges of the Rockies. The objectives of this field trip are:

  • To review the oil and gas potential of each of these areas.
  • To illustrate how the magnificent exposures seen in the Rockies can help with the subsurface. interpretation of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
  • To appreciate the tectonic forces of mountain building.
  • To review how glaciation has shaped the mountain scenery in the Banff area.

We will stop at a number of classic locations, and hike to view the Devonian Reef at Grassi Lakes above Canmore. Companies have successfully used this trip as a framework for a “teambuilding” day. A wind-up BBQ at a mountain location can be arranged.

What People Say:

"We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience…and would welcome the chance to join you on some other field trips in the future."

"As a reservoir engineer I really enjoyed standing "inside" the reef reservoir at Grassi Lakes. I now have a much better understanding of what we are drilling for in the field."

"I’ll never drive this highway again without now asking, 'How did things get this way?"

"Everyone enjoyed themselves and I know we learned a lot."

Locations visited include:

  • The Big Hill at Cochrane
  • Copithorne Ridge in the Foothills
  • The Cardium Formation at Seebee Dam
  • Mount Yamnuska Viewpoint
  • Lac des Arcs Thrust Faults
  • Grassi Lakes Reef Hike
  • Banff Traffic Circle Sandstone Sequence and Coal beds
  • Mount Norquay Lookout



Calgary to Banff


Grassi Lakes
Grassi Lakes Devonian Reef with Encana staff
Mt. Yamnasku
Mt Rundle Grotto

For more information and registration call 403.245.1964

In the last few years we have led this field trip for Schlumberger Software, CGG Veritas, Arc Financial, Encana Corporation, National Bank of Canada, NAL Energy, Conoco Phillips and Geomodelling, among others.

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