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Overview of the Oil & Gas Industry in Western Canada

This popular two-day course is particularly effective for those technical personnel just joining the oil patch, or for financial, accounting or information systems personnel who work closely with, or in oil and gas companies. New geologists, engineers, geophysicists, landmen and technologists, as well as summer students, entering the industry for the first time will find the course a very beneficial introduction to the petroleum industry. You will gain a better understanding of your role and relationship with other associated disciplines within the petroleum industry. The knowledge learned from this course is immediately transferable to the workplace. Participants receive a comprehensive manual, which includes a glossary of oil and gas terms, perform course exercises and examine industry related material such as rocks, maps and pertinent illustrations.

In this two-day course, we follow the evolution of one prospect, through all of its stages, i.e. land acquisition, seismic, drilling, development, etc. This course will review:

  • Past and future direction and challenges of the industry
  • The many facets of the oil and gas industry
  • The jargon of the oil patch
  • Where oil and gas is found in Canada today
  • The sequence of developing an oil and gas prospect
  • The requirements for finding oil and gas
  • Land acquisition and deal making
  • The contribution of seismic
  • Drilling and completion of wells
  • How wells are produced
  • Field development and reserve evaluations
  • We will also review the advances in technology such as horizontal drilling and multi-stagefracc'ing
  • Integrate environmental concerns, and discuss the pricing & marketing of oil & gas

What People Say:

"…a helpful introduction for newcomers to the oil patch."

"A very comprehensive introduction to the world of oil and gas exploration and is the perfect introduction for investors of all types."

"Excellent binder materials, presentation skills, handouts, samples, and value received for cost of the course. I did not feel overwhelmed but rather I was learning just what I wanted to. Lots of 'oh, that’s how it works'!"

"As an office manager new to the industry it was imperative that I be educated in the business - very informative, well prepared and delivered. I wanted what was described in the course title and received exactly that - an overview."

"Well done! Bill presents himself well as an expert and veteran in the business - very credible. Excellent. One of the best presenters I ever had."

"I've heard very positive feedback from everyone I know who has taken this course and they've highly recommended it. I will recommend it."

"Most enjoyable! Such a wealth of information"

"The course will be useful in my job. Just wish I had been on this
course two years ago."

"Gave a great 'overview' in a language I could understand. Great
to hear personal stories from instructor and classmates. Relaxed,
fun learning atmosphere."

Overview of the Oil & Gas Industry in Western Canada


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